Friday, October 22, 2010

Time Goes Soooooo Fast

Hello, bloggers! How are you doing? Wish you have good times. It seems that I haven't written anything in my blog for months. I've been so busy of many things last months. I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm in senior high now. Things in senior high are just so difficult. I didn't thought that it's gonna be this difficult, but then things start to go badly and I started to realize, "Gosh... Things are getting difficult now!"
It doesn't mean that I can't get along well with my friends, indeed I've got along sooooo well. What's so difficult now is the lessons. I think my problem is I seldom take things seriously (means I kinda underestimate things) and that has made my days (especially my marks!!) in senior high go so bad. I'm terribly disappointed of my own marks. I think I didn't study well and I didn't do everything maximally. I'm now recovering from my bad habit, underestimating things. I wish I could start facing every single thing seriously.

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