Thursday, July 19, 2012

Senior Year

Senior Year, yes here I am. It's hardly believed that I've been here for three years. All of the memories with my 1st and 2nd year friends suddenly change because the teacher mixed children from other classes. I actually don't really mind it because well... maybe my friends and I just need new environment and new friends. Now that I'm now on my senior year, I wouldn't be able to play with my lessons anymore which means I can't be a slacker anymore =( I've also been so busy during my first days at school. Busy doing home works, exercises from books, and oh... I just remember my art home work T_____T The art teacher wanted us to make batik. Well I'll just try my best to keep up with those home works =)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey, what's up? I haven't been writing for few.. I mean many months. I was busy, well... not really busy. To be honest, I'm now writing here because I don't know what to do. Gosh.... I feel so pathetic.
I was very very busy a week ago because I need to prepare myself for a physics competition. And finally yesterday the test was held and I think I did pretty well. They haven't announced the result but I'm sure it will be soon enough. So now here I am, confused about what to do. I'm thinking to play my guitar. Okay then, I'll just play my guitar. Bye =)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Learning Bahasa Indonesia

Before starting this post, let me tell you that I'm an Indonesian. I have lived in Indonesia for 16 years and have learned bahasa Indonesia for years too. I don't really remember how did I do bahasa Indonesia on elementary school, but what I now know is that I don't think that I'm good in bahasa Indonesia. You can believe it or not and it's not like I'm smart in English or something, my English mark was, indeed, better than my bahasa Indonesia mark. Can you believe it?
As for the beginning, my teacher (she is a bahasa Indonesia teacher!) once had ever said that learning bahasa Indonesia is actually difficult. There are so many things that have to be learned, and I mean it's A LOT OF things. She said that even someone, I don't remember exactly who this person is but my teacher said this person is a litterateur or someone who's keen on literature things, said that bahasa Indonesia can be classified as one of the languages that is difficult to be learned. Once I had ever thought like this, I feel like I'm lucky because I'm an Indonesian, since I don't have to learn a lot about this language from the beginning. For instance, I'm thinking as if I'm a foreigner who wants to learn bahasa Indonesia, I'm thinking like "Oh! I know a good method to learn bahasa Indonesia! I need to look more than my textbook. I'll go online (maybe twitter of facebook) and find Indonesians, follow or add them, then try to understand what they talk about." It seems like a very great idea right? But then when I, as a foreigner, do that, then I will surely make myself more confused. Why is that?
Well, now let's think about it! What if the thing I found on twitter or facebook is like "aku sih nggak suka banget" or "emang loe mau apa" or "cape banget deh!". How can I, as a foreigner once again, can translate it if I haven't even know what kind of person who typed it. Is that person Javanese or Ambonese, or the others? Or in which part of Java does this man live? Because different culture will type different bahasa Indonesia. Moreover if what they write like this "ak sih g suka bgt" or emg lu mw apa" or cape bgtz deh", how can I ask Google Translator to translate it for me? Though it's true that the most correct ones are in EYD, but I still believe that learning bahasa Indonesia via textbook is probably the best especially for beginner. And learning via social network, in order to know the daily language of Indonesian, can be learned later and slowly.
The other thing that makes me happy to be an Indonesian is that it's easy to learn other languages. Maybe it's not so easy for learning certain language such as English which have very different way of pronunciation. But I think for the other certain languages, it's been a benefit for being an Indonesian, such as learning Japanese. For an example, the word "anata" which means "you" would be very very easy for Indonesians to read it, but when we come to a foreigner, such as western, and ask them how to read it, I'm sure they can't read it correctly. For note, if you're not sure whether you've read it correctly or not you can check it on Google Translator.
So I think I'm happy to be an Indonesian but I'm not happy with this subject in my school. But I'll keep on trying to improve my ability in bahasa Indonesia =D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crossing Time to Past

Two days ago, my friends and I went to our Junior High School. It's been a while since we visited our Junior High few months ago. I'm so glad to come back. The difference is at that time the situation wasn't so crowded because 7th and 8th graders went to school at noon, so my friends and I could go anywhere a bit more freely. We greeted the teachers and all staffs there. I somehow felt missing all those times. After we reach all teachers and staffs, some of my friends went to their favorite place, meatball seller. Hahaha... there is a meatball seller in my Junior High School and few years ago they really loved eating her meatballs. I didn't eat meatballs with them, I went to the class where I stayed one year ago.

I went in and everything looks, more or less, still the same. Oh... I really miss the times when my friends and I saw movies together, chatting or gossipping in the corner of the classroom, when my friends played soccer in the class, etc. I sat on one of the chairs there and then realize that I'm no longer part of this class now and that I am now a Senior High student. Well, time passes very very fast.

By the way, here are few pictures about a class where I stayed 3 years in it during my years on Junior High.

Holiday at Botanical Garden

Hi, bloggers! I'm back with another story. I'm now having holiday for 5 days and it's my 4th day. On the 1st day, my friends and I went to a Botanical Garden in Purwodadi. It's actually not our own plan, the school wanted us to go there to study biology especially Plantae. And so there we were.

It was a very huge and beautiful and green place. Every breath I took really full of oxygen since it's pretty far from pollution. We studied about extinct plants, pteridophyta, and spermathophyta there. They said they don't have the collection of bryophyta so we didn't study about mosses. But still, I felt so excited there because of the place was very nice and my friends were there so we had many chances to take pictures. Hahaha... Here are (only) few pictures I took from my cell phone since I took more pictures in my camera but I still don't have time to move it to the computer =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Layar Terkembang

Hey, I'd just finished reading a novel titled Layar Terkembang. It's in a very old bahasa Indonesia and pretty difficult to be understood but I can follow the story from the begining until the end. I kinda like the story somehow. I know this novel from some bahasa Indonesia tests because sometimes there are questions about this novel, whether it's about the characters or settings or stuffs.
Simply, this story tells us about two sisters which are very different, the elder sister is Tuti which is so discipline, book worm, and a fighter for women's freedom by being active in women's organizations. While the younger sister, Maria, is a very nice, cheering, and sunny girl. They're so different but they indeed love each other so much. The other main character is Yusuf. He's a man who loves Maria so much and whom Maria loves so much. Yusuf is a man which is also active in youth organizations and he's smart. Yusuf and Tuti often talk much about organizations, youngsters in Indonesia at that time, and some other stuffs and there are certain times where they have different opinion and argue about it. Well, it can be said that Tuti is a very very smart person and it seems that she talks "smart things" too and Yusuf can balance her conversation since he's smart as well.
The climax of this story is when Maria suddenly suffers from TBC and malaria. This TBC had also killed Tuti and Maria's mother and Maria is so afraid of getting killed by this disease. But Tuti and Yusuf are always there for her to cheer her up and to convince her that everything will be fine. In the end, Maria can't survive anymore and before she passes away, she wants Tuti replaces her place in Yusuf's heart and live forever together happily (because she probably knows that Tuti was lonely and I mean very lonely). This story is ended by Tuti and Yusuf go to Maria's grave to ask for Maria's blessing for their marriage.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


anger is a very common emotion n i believe that all ppl in the world had ever felt angry before.
but what makes the difference of anger among ppl is the way they face the anger itself. there r ppl who r just cry loudly to express their anger, there r ppl who will throw things away to express their anger, the others probably will express their anger to other ppl for instance by punching someone.
yet, the point of being angry is all the same, for a self-defense. if someone blames u, there's no way u would just shut ur mouth up n listen to all his/her complains. of course u will defend urself with thousand ways n finally it comes to ur last weapon, ANGER. as i've said, the signs of being angry isn't always punching someone.
so the conclusion is, don't be afraid of getting angry since it's a normal emotion. being angry won't make u become an evil person anyway. but angry is no longer a normal emotion if u express it in a very violent way or horrible way like burning ur friend's house, or killing someone, or whatever. choose a good thing to express it from now, so if u get angry in the future, ur brain will have directed u to express ur anger in a good way.
so control ur anger, don't let ur anger controls u!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What is motivation? I think motivation is something which is given to someone to support that someone do something, especially in a positive way, motivation is given to support someone to do a good thing.
There are some motivation programs which are given to students to make them studying more diligently or even much more diligently. I've joined that kinda thing for around 3 times, since school held it for its students so I couldn't just ignore it. At first I was thinking like "Why should I join this thing?" or "I don't think it will work on me". But then after I joined it I felt like I wanna study more. And I think it really worked on me.
But what I'm trying to blog now isn't about my happiness or effects from this motivation program. I'd ever joined that kind of program for around 3 times, as I said above. I'm trying to say that I think the contents of this program are just same in each time. What they'll do first must be greeting and playing few games. Then they'll make all of us cry by.. guess what? Telling us as if our parents are gonna pass away!!! Don't you think it's kinda cruel or something. I did cry in every cases, but I think it's not good. I don't really like this part.
Then after making us crying, they showed us other people who are less perfect (I mean they're like disabled or their parts of body aren't complete). And the back sound is always the same (even though the institutions who hold the programs are different), guess? It's Celine Dion's song, The Power of The Dream. I enjoy listening to the song, really, since I'm Celine Dion's fans, haha.
I think motivation shouldn't only given with that pattern. The institutions who wanna hold a motivation program should make it more fun.