Friday, April 8, 2011

Layar Terkembang

Hey, I'd just finished reading a novel titled Layar Terkembang. It's in a very old bahasa Indonesia and pretty difficult to be understood but I can follow the story from the begining until the end. I kinda like the story somehow. I know this novel from some bahasa Indonesia tests because sometimes there are questions about this novel, whether it's about the characters or settings or stuffs.
Simply, this story tells us about two sisters which are very different, the elder sister is Tuti which is so discipline, book worm, and a fighter for women's freedom by being active in women's organizations. While the younger sister, Maria, is a very nice, cheering, and sunny girl. They're so different but they indeed love each other so much. The other main character is Yusuf. He's a man who loves Maria so much and whom Maria loves so much. Yusuf is a man which is also active in youth organizations and he's smart. Yusuf and Tuti often talk much about organizations, youngsters in Indonesia at that time, and some other stuffs and there are certain times where they have different opinion and argue about it. Well, it can be said that Tuti is a very very smart person and it seems that she talks "smart things" too and Yusuf can balance her conversation since he's smart as well.
The climax of this story is when Maria suddenly suffers from TBC and malaria. This TBC had also killed Tuti and Maria's mother and Maria is so afraid of getting killed by this disease. But Tuti and Yusuf are always there for her to cheer her up and to convince her that everything will be fine. In the end, Maria can't survive anymore and before she passes away, she wants Tuti replaces her place in Yusuf's heart and live forever together happily (because she probably knows that Tuti was lonely and I mean very lonely). This story is ended by Tuti and Yusuf go to Maria's grave to ask for Maria's blessing for their marriage.

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