Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crossing Time to Past

Two days ago, my friends and I went to our Junior High School. It's been a while since we visited our Junior High few months ago. I'm so glad to come back. The difference is at that time the situation wasn't so crowded because 7th and 8th graders went to school at noon, so my friends and I could go anywhere a bit more freely. We greeted the teachers and all staffs there. I somehow felt missing all those times. After we reach all teachers and staffs, some of my friends went to their favorite place, meatball seller. Hahaha... there is a meatball seller in my Junior High School and few years ago they really loved eating her meatballs. I didn't eat meatballs with them, I went to the class where I stayed one year ago.

I went in and everything looks, more or less, still the same. Oh... I really miss the times when my friends and I saw movies together, chatting or gossipping in the corner of the classroom, when my friends played soccer in the class, etc. I sat on one of the chairs there and then realize that I'm no longer part of this class now and that I am now a Senior High student. Well, time passes very very fast.

By the way, here are few pictures about a class where I stayed 3 years in it during my years on Junior High.

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