Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holiday at Botanical Garden

Hi, bloggers! I'm back with another story. I'm now having holiday for 5 days and it's my 4th day. On the 1st day, my friends and I went to a Botanical Garden in Purwodadi. It's actually not our own plan, the school wanted us to go there to study biology especially Plantae. And so there we were.

It was a very huge and beautiful and green place. Every breath I took really full of oxygen since it's pretty far from pollution. We studied about extinct plants, pteridophyta, and spermathophyta there. They said they don't have the collection of bryophyta so we didn't study about mosses. But still, I felt so excited there because of the place was very nice and my friends were there so we had many chances to take pictures. Hahaha... Here are (only) few pictures I took from my cell phone since I took more pictures in my camera but I still don't have time to move it to the computer =)

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