Saturday, February 28, 2009

Socialization for SBI Class

As I've said, I'm studying on 8th grade C, in International Class. And now, my school has its second classes (7th grade). This year (2009), my school has opened new classes for the International class. Because of that, the teachers of my school chose some students for doing a socialization to promote these new classes. I didn't join the socialization last year. Actually, I hope that the teachers will choose me for doing this socialization. I was so sad because I didn't join this socialization. But now, I'm so happy because the teachers chose me to do this socialization.
We start the socialization on Wednesday. I'm so happy to meet new people. And maybe some of the people that I have met will be the student of my school. Of course it can be happened! My friends say that I'm talkative, so this job is really suitable for me. Do you think that I'm a talkative girl???

Bad Month

Bad month. Ya, I give this name to February. I hate this month so much. Because I've gotten many stupid things on this month. I got bad mark, I can't pass a test, my willings gone, and in this month I feel that everyone besides me doesn't love me. They don't want to know what happen to me. They care about their own life. They come to me only when they need me. In this month, no one's standing beside me to cheer me up. They leave me alone. Actually, I'm not a lucky person. I'm a very very unlucky person in this world. When I try to do the best, I will get the worst. When I do nothing, many unlucky things will come to me. Sometimes, I feel that those smart people are lucky. I think that they can be so smart beacuse of their luckness.
I hate this month so much. I'm very afraid about my next month. Would I get bad or goos. I know that I'm an unlucky person, but I'll do better than tomorrow and think more positively.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get a hard meat???

Did you get a hard meat? Or your cooked meats are hard? Don't worry! I have a good way to soften your meat. My friends and I observed a method to soften a meat. We were success, that's why i'm gonna share our observation to you. What do you need??? Well, actually we didn't use any sophisticated tools, we used some simple tools, such as our hand, bowl, knife, frying pan, and stove. For the other materials, we used water and papaya. Have you known what will you do with those materials??? If your answer is "using papaya's sap for soften the meat", it means that you are right. How can papaya's sap soften meats??? It causes by carica papaya. Carica papaya will hydrolysis the protein inside the meat, so that the meat will be softer than before. Besides that, the external factors that influencing the softness of the meat is the stress level of the animal. Hard meats usually produced by stress animal, so be very careful in buying meats!
Let's start the methods! Firstly you have to take the sap of the papaya. The more the sap will be better. Be careful, because papaya's sap can steam easily. Put the sap inside the bowl and then put and spread the sap to the meats' surface. Make sure that the meats' surface have spreaded by the sap. And your meats have been ready to be cooked...!
Don't worry about the taste! Its taste won't change. In fact, papaya's sap will flavor the meat's taste. Papaya's sap can also ease the absorbtion of another ingredients. The contents of the meat won't decrease. And also it'll be easier to be disgested by your disgestive organs.
It was a simple and natural way, isn't it??? So what are you waiting for??? You can try it now!

Monday, February 2, 2009


8C and 8B are the first international classes in Blitar. I’m staying in 8C with my nice and funny friends. Since August, we’d started to study and study as the second years student. Together, we’d studied about many interesting things. Beside learning about many things, we also thought about our tasks, our exam’s results, and etc. My friends felt so bored. They asked to our teacher for celebrating our second outbond. He gave us some choices about the place that would be used as the place for celebrating our second outbond. But when we gave our choice, he never told us about our outbond. We were so upset.

Around a month later, my teacher told us that we’ll have our outbond at Bantaran. Of course we were so happy because finally, we got something to refresh our mind. We started to prepare everythings that would be needed there. Our teacher said that we would stay there for 2 days and one night. Actually, we felt a little bit upset again because last year, we could stay at Lawang for celebrating our first outbond. Maybe, it’s caused by the 7th years students. Outbond program is celebrated for international classes only, and this year my school made 4 classes for the international classes. Although we had 2 days only, it doesn’t matter. We’ll enjoy it!

On 17th January, we arrived at Bantaran and we’d ready for the night party. Unfortunately, it would be the last party with our nice biology teacher, Mr. Juli, because next month he has to stay at Malang for a year and at Netherland for a year too. He has to study again there with our physic teacher. At that party, all the student were crying because they knew that Mr. Juli won’t teach them again. Especially when he sang a song by the title “Saat Terakhir”. I was so sad too, but I think it’s a the best choice for my school’s future. Because he’ll teach in my school again 2 years from now.

Well, after the night party end we went back to our inn. It wasn’t a hotel. We stayed at a village, so there’s no hotels there. But we got a good place to live in. And of course good activities too. We did a lot of activities in the morning. We were climbing mountain. Actually it was very challenge, but I felt so thirsty because I didn’t bring any water. Fortunately, I’m still living now for writting this story to you. By the way, why did I tell you that it was a very challenging activities? Because we had to fear our fearness. I was so afraid of an accident. But I said to myself that I have to keep moving for fearing my silly fearness. And finally, I could pass all of the activities well. I felt so happy, satisfied, and... tired. Taking a bath was my next and primary activities. Why? Because my body was full of mud and sand. A half of may friends should take a bath quickly because the truck that pick us up had come. Didn’t I say that we went there by a truck??? That was terrible, but... it’s okay! The most important thing was we feel happy. But that was the time for us to go home. Actually we felt a little bit upset, but in the other side we felt happy because we could meet out parents again. And that’s all about my story about my second outbond. Maybe you should try to climb a mountain. It’ll make you more patient than before (said my teacher) and it can burn your fat down (just for you who feel too fat). Of course you can visit Indonesia, because the mountains here are so good to be climbed. Why aren't you climbing now? ^_^