Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bad Month

Bad month. Ya, I give this name to February. I hate this month so much. Because I've gotten many stupid things on this month. I got bad mark, I can't pass a test, my willings gone, and in this month I feel that everyone besides me doesn't love me. They don't want to know what happen to me. They care about their own life. They come to me only when they need me. In this month, no one's standing beside me to cheer me up. They leave me alone. Actually, I'm not a lucky person. I'm a very very unlucky person in this world. When I try to do the best, I will get the worst. When I do nothing, many unlucky things will come to me. Sometimes, I feel that those smart people are lucky. I think that they can be so smart beacuse of their luckness.
I hate this month so much. I'm very afraid about my next month. Would I get bad or goos. I know that I'm an unlucky person, but I'll do better than tomorrow and think more positively.

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