Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get a hard meat???

Did you get a hard meat? Or your cooked meats are hard? Don't worry! I have a good way to soften your meat. My friends and I observed a method to soften a meat. We were success, that's why i'm gonna share our observation to you. What do you need??? Well, actually we didn't use any sophisticated tools, we used some simple tools, such as our hand, bowl, knife, frying pan, and stove. For the other materials, we used water and papaya. Have you known what will you do with those materials??? If your answer is "using papaya's sap for soften the meat", it means that you are right. How can papaya's sap soften meats??? It causes by carica papaya. Carica papaya will hydrolysis the protein inside the meat, so that the meat will be softer than before. Besides that, the external factors that influencing the softness of the meat is the stress level of the animal. Hard meats usually produced by stress animal, so be very careful in buying meats!
Let's start the methods! Firstly you have to take the sap of the papaya. The more the sap will be better. Be careful, because papaya's sap can steam easily. Put the sap inside the bowl and then put and spread the sap to the meats' surface. Make sure that the meats' surface have spreaded by the sap. And your meats have been ready to be cooked...!
Don't worry about the taste! Its taste won't change. In fact, papaya's sap will flavor the meat's taste. Papaya's sap can also ease the absorbtion of another ingredients. The contents of the meat won't decrease. And also it'll be easier to be disgested by your disgestive organs.
It was a simple and natural way, isn't it??? So what are you waiting for??? You can try it now!

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