Saturday, February 28, 2009

Socialization for SBI Class

As I've said, I'm studying on 8th grade C, in International Class. And now, my school has its second classes (7th grade). This year (2009), my school has opened new classes for the International class. Because of that, the teachers of my school chose some students for doing a socialization to promote these new classes. I didn't join the socialization last year. Actually, I hope that the teachers will choose me for doing this socialization. I was so sad because I didn't join this socialization. But now, I'm so happy because the teachers chose me to do this socialization.
We start the socialization on Wednesday. I'm so happy to meet new people. And maybe some of the people that I have met will be the student of my school. Of course it can be happened! My friends say that I'm talkative, so this job is really suitable for me. Do you think that I'm a talkative girl???

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