Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crying... Crying... Crying...

Crying is a very strange event for my friends in my school. I'd never cry for 2 years since I'd been a student in my school. My friends said that I'm a steeled heard girl, because even I know a sad event or things, I never cry. But what had my friends done yesterday, were so succed in making me cry. It was happening when I joined science and math extracuricular class in my school. Actually I can't say that my friends were so evil and made me cry, it's purely my vault. What was my vault? Well I'm gonna start my story...
At that time, a said to my friend, "Hey, sit here! You'll be able to look at your prince's face clearly. Come here!" I was joking. Then my friend took my book and threw it to the boys. I knew that my friend was joking and my friend wanted to make a joke too. but suddenly, the boys drew and wrote bad things at the first page of my book. That was so terrible... I tried to be patient. Actually it was happened when the teacher was searching for the answer of a question, it was so impolite. Then I went back to my desk and said to myself, "Don't be angry! It's okay...! Don't cry!" Fortunately I wasn't angry anymore, but unfortunately I was crying...!!! Oh my God...!!!!!!!!! Then my friend who threw my book to the boys calmed me down. My friend asked forgiveness more than ten times... But I said, "Don't worry! I'm angry not to you." But my friend kept asking forgiveness. Because of that event, I've thrown out my tears. T.T
The boys gave my book back to me when they knew that I cried. And when the class was over, there was just a boy from many boys whose asked forgiveness from myself. I said to the boy that I wasn't angry to him anymore. (How patient I was...) So by this story, what do you think? Do you agree that it was my vault???

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