Sunday, March 20, 2011


anger is a very common emotion n i believe that all ppl in the world had ever felt angry before.
but what makes the difference of anger among ppl is the way they face the anger itself. there r ppl who r just cry loudly to express their anger, there r ppl who will throw things away to express their anger, the others probably will express their anger to other ppl for instance by punching someone.
yet, the point of being angry is all the same, for a self-defense. if someone blames u, there's no way u would just shut ur mouth up n listen to all his/her complains. of course u will defend urself with thousand ways n finally it comes to ur last weapon, ANGER. as i've said, the signs of being angry isn't always punching someone.
so the conclusion is, don't be afraid of getting angry since it's a normal emotion. being angry won't make u become an evil person anyway. but angry is no longer a normal emotion if u express it in a very violent way or horrible way like burning ur friend's house, or killing someone, or whatever. choose a good thing to express it from now, so if u get angry in the future, ur brain will have directed u to express ur anger in a good way.
so control ur anger, don't let ur anger controls u!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What is motivation? I think motivation is something which is given to someone to support that someone do something, especially in a positive way, motivation is given to support someone to do a good thing.
There are some motivation programs which are given to students to make them studying more diligently or even much more diligently. I've joined that kinda thing for around 3 times, since school held it for its students so I couldn't just ignore it. At first I was thinking like "Why should I join this thing?" or "I don't think it will work on me". But then after I joined it I felt like I wanna study more. And I think it really worked on me.
But what I'm trying to blog now isn't about my happiness or effects from this motivation program. I'd ever joined that kind of program for around 3 times, as I said above. I'm trying to say that I think the contents of this program are just same in each time. What they'll do first must be greeting and playing few games. Then they'll make all of us cry by.. guess what? Telling us as if our parents are gonna pass away!!! Don't you think it's kinda cruel or something. I did cry in every cases, but I think it's not good. I don't really like this part.
Then after making us crying, they showed us other people who are less perfect (I mean they're like disabled or their parts of body aren't complete). And the back sound is always the same (even though the institutions who hold the programs are different), guess? It's Celine Dion's song, The Power of The Dream. I enjoy listening to the song, really, since I'm Celine Dion's fans, haha.
I think motivation shouldn't only given with that pattern. The institutions who wanna hold a motivation program should make it more fun.