Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this holiday

Well, bloggers! I haven't written something these weeks, I was so busy. Well, right now I'm in Surabaya, it is a "lebaran" holiday. I like to have a holiday with my family in Surabaya because I could meet some of my family here. I've been here since two days ago and we'll go home tomorrow (T.T). On the first day, we didn't do anything but staying inside the hotel. Actually, I like to stay in the hotel more than going anywhere (^_^). Because I can watch the TV and browsing freely at the hotel. Although I could do evertyhing in Surabaya, I don't feel so good about this holiday, because after this holiday I'll have to study ver very hard because I'm on the third grade now, so I have to prepare for my final exam. Besides, I'll have to study for a physic competition and cambridge test. I'm so stressed because of those things, I always get a terrible headache when I remember them. But my friends and my family always support me and I'm so glad of it. I'll try to keep studying harder and harder to get the best for my exams. I hope you support me too. Well, I think that's what I want to share to you. Please leave comment for me. Thank you so much for reading!!!

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