Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Problem Again!

Another problem has just come over into my life. When my life had just fulled with joy suddenly a terrible thing comes to my life. I got another problem with him. I've gotten many problems with him. And I'm not so surprised if I got another one again. But, I don't know somehow, why problems always come between us. It's just between us. So I can say since we met each other, problems always come over. You know, I'd just enjoyed my life one day, only one day, and the next day he makes another problem. The only person who should be mad is ME and it's not HIM. But the things that has just happened is he's being angry to me. It's really unfair. How come that be? He should explain his reason to be angry to me. I don't know what does he want. He had really successfully did something hurt me, but I wasn't angry at him AT ALL. I even helped him to get something he wanted to get. Is it wrong? But now he's being mad at me. So who's guilty now? My friends even told me to stay away from him, but I don't recognize them and still wanna call him as "friend". One of my friend told me that he even doesn't deserve that greeting (friend) from me. But I don't care and I still wanna call you "friend". And now you're being angry to me? Well.. it's your choice. I know it. But please don't be angry to me. I can't find out my mistakes..

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