Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Farewell Party

I had a farewell party this morning with my junior high school friends. It was held at a hotel in Blitar. The party was exciting. My friends performed some songs to sing. And the lower classmates performed some songs too. Some of them played violin and samroh (kinda singing religious songs especially the Islamic songs). Some of them played so well but few played so badly. There was a group band which consist of 3 students performed so weirdly. They didn't sing the song beautifully and the tonal didn't match to the key tones. It was so awful till some of my friends told them to go down from the stage, but they insisted to keep playing. They played 3 songs awfully. But still, they'd made the party became better with their play. It was so funny to listen to them.
The most important part of this party is removing the attributes of my school from our uniform, there were 2 students to represent other students. That was a very sad moment because that represented that we're not the student of SMPN 1 Blitar anymore.
However, besides those performances of my friends there was a much better moment at the party. The moment was at the very last time. We took some pictures with our friends together. That was a very great moment because friends looked so happy and enjoy it.
I'm lying if I say that I'm not sad in this occasion. At least I'm sad because it means that we won't stay in one class anymore, because some of my friends decide to enroll their study to another city. But this event means a lot to me :)

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