Thursday, June 10, 2010


Some days ago, I got a message from my friend, she sent me about the memories of her, me, and other friends about my school. Well, firstly you have to know that actually I've been graduated from my school and I'm going to senior high school next month. I really had great times at my junior high school and I also have my own memories about it.
Well, let's start from the first time when I step my feet to my junior high school. You know, I was so happy when I know that I could study in SMPN 1 Blitar (the name of my junior high school). I can't explain to you how happy I was, but the certain thing was I was sooooooo happy, because it's one of the favorite school in my town. I also didn't expect that I could study there because I was from a private elementary school where maybe most people think that the elementary school wasn't so good and I wasn't so smart either I guess. And of course, mom and dad were so proud of me, moreover I was in the first international class.
I also had so many great friends. I was so afraid at first actually if I couldn't have many friends especially because it's my first experience to study in public school. But I did it pretty well, I got many new amazing friends here. I learned many things from them. I really enjoy my time with them.
This school has really change me to be a better girl. I got my spirit to do my best here, I learned how differences are so amazing, I learned how to treat other people well, I grew to be a mature girl here, I got so many problems where I had to solve them by myself and finally I got new lessons from them or when I'd been so helpless my friends always came along to help me solving my problems, I share many things with my friends, and other sweet things.
Actually, I'm so grateful because I can go to senior high school, especially because I can study in a good high school again, but somehow I still miss SMPN 1 Blitar. The teachers are kind (not all of them honestly) and they had given me and my friends new lessons to be a better person to build this country. I'm not gonna forget what have they done for me. It's so amazing because I could meet such great person.
I know it's not a kinda farewell because I can still visit SMPN 1 Blitar whenever I want, but still I feel a bit sad to leave this school. but my life must go on, so all I can do now is just remembering my sweet and bitter memories from my junior high school then make it a lesson for me to always do the best in the following times. =D

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