Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Win It!!!

Well, where should I start? Hmm..... I think I should start from the activities I'd done during my holidays. Actually, I spent my holidays by having fun mostly, like watching movies, TV shows, reading novels, playing video games, and other things. But around a month ago, my English course teacher asked me to join a speech competition for celebrating Bung Karno month and I decided to join it because I thought what will I do at home? I might get better activities by joining this competition. So I started to find a title, the theme of the competition is "Winning Generation". I finally chose to use "Caring" as my title because nowadays we can find many people who don't wanna care about their surroundings or to other people. Care isn't always purposed to other people, but also purposed to other creature, like the trees or the environment.
Around 3 or 4 weeks later I'd finished my speech text and I was satisfied with the speech I made, so I started presenting the speech. At first I wasn't confident enough to do it because I'm sure the other contestants will present their speech much better than I do, but I tried to push myself to always train myself in front of the mirror, until the execution day came up.
The execution day was yesterday. There were many contestants from various schools. Some of them present their speech well. The contestants could choose the number for themselves freely, so I chose 12 because it's the same as my birth date, but actually I was the 2nd contestant who present my speech because the least number that was chosen by a contestant was 9. There were 3 juries, two of them are Australians and the other one is Indonesian but she has lbeen living in Australia for years. Actually it was pretty creepy to know that the juries were from Australia, I was afraid if I didn't pronounce the sentences well because they would easily know it if I made mistakes!
When it was my time to present mine I was so worried of the juries and the audiences, I was so afraid if I passed the time that had been determined by the juries, it's 5 minutes to present our speech. If we presented the speech more than 5 minutes, the juries will decrease the points we gained. But the show must go on, so I presented my speech in less than 5 minutes.
At the time I finished my speech, honestly, I felt confused about what had just I done at the stage. It's like I didn't remember all sentences I'd presented at the stage. Well, at least I had no longer burden on my shoulder because my time was done.
Around 1 or 2 hours later the juries announced the winner. I was so worried about the result, but however, I had to receive the result. I was sure that the other contestants would win it because some of them presented their speech so well. And guess what? I was terribly surprised when the juries said that I got the 1st rank! I really couldn't believe it!!! I was sooooo excited to know that I could win it!!! The last thing I could say was "thank you very much" to the juries and also to Jesus who had guided me till the end of my speech so I could do it so well.
Well, as I've said I'm so excited and satisfied, but I'm sure there still any other persons out there who are much better than me, so all I can do for now is just learning and learning so I'll be able to get new things that would improve my ability in speaking English. =)

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