Monday, March 15, 2010

New Class

Well, it doesn't mean that I've been at senior high school, but hopefully I'll be soon. New class I meant is just new class, some new classmates, and some new teachers. 
The teachers divide the students into several groups. They divide the students who haven't understood enough about the materials of the exam from the students who have understood enough about the materials for the exam. But that doesn't mean that the teachers separate the brainy students with the others. It's not fair to do that I think. It's just the teachers' effort to optimize the teaching-learning process. So those who haven't understood the lessons well will be able to do the exam well.
And about my class.. I'm in class C, I'm very excited coz I'm always in class C since I was on 7th grade. Hahahaha... And my new classmates are.... very very brainy. Most of them are smart students. I'm so glad to be in this class. Well... "smart students" doesn't always mean "silent student" or "weirdo", but you know what?? They are very very naughty!!! Hahahahaha.. They make noise all the time and that was soooo funny. That's why I love this class <33333

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