Thursday, March 11, 2010

Success or Not?

Wow! Last Sunday was a very cool day. You know, I was accepted @ a high school I want most. I was so excited @ first because @ the first round I got a very good rank, it was the 1st rank. And the way they call me was very dramatic. They read it from the lowest rank and I was so surprised because I didn't hear they call my name till the 2nd rank. Then I started crying. My friends cheered me up by saying that I would get the 1st rank, but honestly I didn't believe them. Then the juries called the 1st rank and it was me. Wow!!! I can't describe how excited I was. But the final round didn't run so well. I didn't do it pretty well so my rank became 8th. It was very... horrible that I couldn't stay on 1st rank. But my mom cheered me up, she said that I have to be very thankful to God because He's granted my prayer to be accepted @ that school. So... I'm happy but not too satisfied of what I got. But I'm trying to be very thankful of what I've got =)

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  1. Nggak pa2 nggak jadi yang pertama, sekali2 tengoklah kebawah, biar kamu bisa bersyukur, ok