Saturday, February 26, 2011


What comes firstly in your mind when you hear the word "physics"? Is it a kinda terrible monster which is ready to eat you with its complicated formulas or it's like a complicated problem which makes you excited to finish it? Most of students might choose the first choice. I actually felt it at first, but then I try to learn to get into it and it, more or less, works. I don't hate physics now and, indeed, I'm trying to learn more and more about it.

Once, I'd ever surfed on the internet and got into someone's blog. At first I found that this girl's blog sounded interesting because the word "physics" are often used in it. But then when I continued reading I finally realized that what's the purpose of this girl writting in her blog was because she doesn't like physics. She said that physics aren't important at all. What's being learned in physics are not useful. Who wants to count the time of a falling ball or the friction on a block anyway? When I thought again about it, I actually found that it, indeed, makes sense. It was like "oh..what had I done this far were all non sense". But then I couldn't deny my excitement when I have to do a physics question and when I solve it. So, I think I still like physics and I hope I could do much better on it.

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