Friday, April 9, 2010

Civics Today

I know I should have written this yesterday, I was so busy so I couldn't post anything. So I'm going to post it now.
Yesterday I had a civics class with my civics teacher. She taught us about globalization. She told many things about how globalization started and how can globalization reached Indonesia. She said that globalization has made Indonesia's real culture fading. There still many advantage about globalization, but the bad effect of globalization to Indonesia is very unexpected. Firstly you have to know that my civics teacher has a very high level of patriotism. She might be the only civics teacher that has high level of patriotism. She always tells us not to be easily affected by other countries' bad effect. Then if someday we've been successful person, we shouldn't forget of our country and we have to build our country to be better and better. I'm so grateful because I've ever been taught by such kind of teacher. She always gives us new amazing knowledge about our beloved country, Indonesia, and always warns us not to be affected easily by bad effects from any places. We have to take the benefits only from the existence of globalization to build the country. 
That's about civics today, I hope I could write the other "Civics Today". Hahahahahaha... :)

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