Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Terrible Day

I got a very terrible day yesterday. I can't tell you clearly, but there are 2 things that made me completely disappointed and angry. I guess this will be bad week (but honestly I hope this won't be bad week). The 1st didn't make me too disappointed, it's just.... it made me very furious. I think it's not a very important thing to think about, but somehow... it made me very furious as I've said. While the other thing made me terribly frustrated... I feel like every single thing I'd done is a very big mistake. I don't know what to do and what to say after the event yesterday. I'm so speechless till I couldn't say anything. Hmph... I just hope things won't go worse. It's so silly to think about doing suicide. I could die laughing when I think about it. Hahahaha... The only thing I should do this time is surviving and trying to solve this. I'm going to make new plan and I hope it's gonna be working on me, so at least I can solve one problem. That' could lighten my load.

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