Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Birthday

It's now April 24th, and my birthday was on April 12th. I know it's been so late to post something about my birthday, I was terribly busy by the examinations. And now I get a free time, so I try to post it.
Actually there wasn't any special thing on my birthday. I even thought that my birthday last year was better than this year. I mean there's something wrong this year on my birthday but I can't tell what it is to u guys. But I got a very cute present from my lovely friend, Stella. She gives me a doll. Here's the doll.
And it's my pic with my new cute doll :)
Isn't it just so cute??? I love it so much, so many thanks for Stella! Besides her, my other friends also wish me having a great birthday. Thanks so much for those who have wished the best for me on my birthday! I love ya!

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